Java Advanced Imaging ImageIO Tools

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This article captures current information about the Java Advanced Imaging ImageIO Tools to document exactly what files are involved.

The ImageIO Tools consist of two jar files plus one or more files which are in native code for the platform.

1 JAR Files

File nameDescription
jai_imageio.jar JAR file containing core JAI Image I/O class files. required
clibwrapper_jiio.jar. codecLib JNI interfaces. required.

2 Native Libraries

File nameDescriptionPlatform
libclib_jiio.somediaLib JNI shared librariesLinux
clib_jiio.dllcodecLib JNI shared librariesWindows
clib_jiio_sse2.dllmediaLib JNI DLL librariesWindows

3 Notes

  1. The jar files are typically located in the Java jre/lib/ext directory.
  2. The dll files are typically located in the Java jre/bin directory on a Windows system.
  3. The so file is typically located in the Java jre/i386 directory on an Intel Linux system.
  4. All the binary builds are available on
  5. The jar files are required.
  6. The dll/so files just provide acceleration for certain image types.
  7. The dll/so files may provide support for additional image types.
  8. You can force the ImageIO Tools not to use the native libraries by starting a program with this switch: