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1 Plugin Description

The plugins have been tested on version 3.2 of Protege. If the plugins do not work on a newer version, it is recommended that the plugin is rebuilt from source, using the most recent build of the Protege libraries.

1.1 Tabbed File Importer

imports the parent/child relationships based upon a tabbed file

1.2 RadLex SQL Exporter

Generates a file for creating the database for the RadLex Term Browser

1.2.1 Database Structure

The Term Browser uses two tables: radterms Defines the relevant information about each term

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radlinks Defines the relationships between terms

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1.3 RadLex OWL Exporter

converts the Protege Frames ontology into a OWL ontology

1.4 RID Generator

generates unique RadLex ID for new terms

2 Installation Instructions

Download and install Protege.

Download a copy of the plugin.

Unzip the plugin into the plugins directory of your Protege installation. On windows, this directory usually is (depending on your version of Protege):

C:\Program Files\Protege_3.2.1\plugins

Once unzipped, the file plugin will be located at

C:\Program Files\Protege_3.2.1\plugins\org.radlex\radlex_plugins.jar