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Visit the RadLex Term Browser

1 Term Browser Design

The RadLex Term Browser uses AJAX to provide the responsive needed to generate the parent-child tree. However, by using AJAX, any web browser that has Javascript disabled (and most search engine robots) will be unable to view the Term Browser. Therefore the Term Browser begins by assuming that the web browser does not have Javascript enabled and serves a basic page that the user requested. If the user does have Javascript enabled, the browser is redirected to the 'viewer'.

The basic version of the servlet serves a completely new html page every time a new term is requested. The basic version lacks the ability to search for terms, can not sort by different relationship types, and does not have a clipboard.

2 RadLex URI's

Each RadLex term has a unique RadLex ID, which is in the form "RID___", where the underscores are replaced by a variable number of numbers (it can be described by the regular expression "^RID([0-9])$". The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is formed by concatenating "http://radlex.org/" and the RadLex ID. For example, http://radlex.org/RID4 .

3 Browser Compatibility

The RadLex Term Browser has been tested with:

  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
  • Apple Safari 1.2
  • Opera 9.10

The Term Browser should work in any modern web browser.

If Javascript is disabled, the user will only get a basic version of the Term Browser.

The Term Browser does "break" some of the features of the web browser, such as back, forward, and refresh. These issues are resolved by the back and forward buttons above the tree control.