Running CTP as a Windows Service

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This article describes how to install CTP as a Windows service. It is intended for administrators who want CTP to start automatically when its host computer starts and shut down cleanly when its host computer shuts down. This is the most convenient way to run CTP on a Windows system for applications in which CTP acts a resource for a clinical trial or as a front-end to another system.

1 Background

The CTP installer program is a self-extracting program that copies all the necessary files into a directory called CTP wherever the user requests it to be created. The installer creates a windows subdirectory containing these files:

  • CTP.exe - the service which is run by the Windows service manager. It starts and stops the CTP.jar program.
  • CTPw.exe - the service monitor which allows the administrator to adjust the parameters which determine how CTP.jar runs.
  • install.bat - the Windows batch job which installs the CTP.exe service and provides a default set of parameters.
  • uninstall.bat - the Windows batch job which uninstalls the CTP.exe service.

2 Installing the CTP Service

To install the service:

  1. Log into Windows in an account with administrator privileges
  2. Launch a command window with administrator privileges
    • Click Start
    • Type cmd
    • Type Ctrl-Shift-Enter
  1. Navigate to the CTP directory.
  2. Enter the command: install.bat