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The CTP module (CTP.jar) contains the code of the CTP application, including all the standard stages and plugins. This article describes the theory of operation of the packages contained in the CTP module. The CTP module is used in CTP, TFS, CTPClient, ISN, and other MIRC software. The intended audience for this article is software engineers extending or maintaining any of that software.

See Setting Up a MIRC Development Environment for information on obtaining and building the VTP module.

The CTP module contains five packages:

  • org.rsna.ctp contains the CTP main class and the Configuration singleton class.
  • org.rsna.ctp.objects contains classes that implement the four types of objects that CTP can process.
  • org.rsna.ctp.pipeline contains the Pipeline class, interfaces that define the types of pipeline stages, and a set of abstract classes that provide starting points for developing each pipeline stage type.
  • org.rsna.ctp.plugin contains the interface that defines a plugin and an abstract class that provides a starting point for developing a plugin.
  • org.rsna.ctp.servlets contains the standard servlets used in CTP.
  • org.rsna.ctp.stdstages contains the standard pipeline stages included in CTP.

Each of these packages will be described in the sections below, with example code where necessary to illustrate the theory of operation. It will be helpful to get the source code and build it so you can reference the Javadocs as you go along.

In addition to the packages listed above, the source code tree also contains packages that are part of helper applications used in CTP:

  • org.rsna.installer contains the the installer program for CTP, TFS, and ISN.
  • org.rsna.launcher contains the program used to manually launch CTP TFS, and ISN.
  • org.rsna.runner contains the program that can be used in a batch job to start or stop CTP, TFS, and ISN. This program is typically used to implement a CTP Linux service.

1 CTP Startup

2 org.rsna.ctp

3 org.rsna.ctp.objects

4 org.rsna.ctp.pipeline

5 org.rsna.ctp.plugin

6 org.rsna.ctp.servlets

7 org.rsna.ctp.stdstages