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== How to install RSNA TFS (formally known as MIRC) on Ubuntu Linux ==
* Download the script
wget http://timphillips.net/RSNA-TFS/install-TFS
* Make it executable
chmod 777 ./install-TFS
* Run the script
* Point your browser to the machine you just installed it on and RSNA TFS should be up and running.
* This script will also upgrade a previous "Tim Phillips" installation of RSNA-TFS or RSNA TFA so it can be used again when the RSNA code is updated.
== Commands to control or upgrde the TFS web service ==
To start RSNA-TFS (it will start automatically when the machine boots)
start RSNA-TFS
To stop RSNA-TFS:
To check if RSNA-TFS is running:
status RSNA-TFS
To restart RSNA-TFS:
restart RSNA-TFS
To upgrade RSNA-TFS with the latest RSNA-TFS code from RSNA (and preserve all your data):
==What the script does (feel free to look at it before you run it)==
* Checks you're running it as root or using sudo.
* Stops the RSNA-TFS service if its running.
* Updates the Ubuntu repos if need be.
* Checks which chipset you're running.
* (If Oracle / Sun Java 6 isn't already installed)
** Answers the Java installation questions in advance.
** Installs Oracle / Sun Java.
* Downloads the appropriate JAI ImageIO files installs JAI ImageIO.
* Installs a few other necessary libraries if they're not already installed.
* Downloads the latest version of RSNA-TFS.
* Writes an upstart script (so that CTP/RSNA-TFS will be run as a service automatically).
* Installs RSNA RSNA-TFS.
==Choosing between Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server for a RSNA-TFS install==
* Ubuntu Desktop
** Easier (very easy) if you're new to Linux.
** May be very slightly slower but on modern hardware you are unlikely to notice the difference.
* Ubuntu Server
** Makes more sense - RSNA-TFS is a web service after all.
** Will be leaner and faster.
** Can run on a headless server or virtual machine.
** [http://turnkeylinux.org TurnkeyLinux] is a very good Ubuntu install for this purpose.
<div align="right">''Any questions or comments please email me at timothy.john.phillips@gmail.com - Tim Phillips.''</div>

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