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The MIRC Mailing list was created as an alternate to the MIRC Forums. The mailing list is intended as a way of discussing things pertaining to MIRC, as well as a place for people to come, to find answers to their MIRC Questions.

1 Joining the Mailing List

The easiest way to join the mailing list, is to send an email to from the email address that you wish to use. There is a manual approval process, so you may need to wait a day or two for your request to be approved.

2 Who should join the mailing list?

This is a work in progress right now. We envision a mailing list that would benefit all MIRC users. It could be a place where people could come to ask an experienced group of MIRC users for answers to their questions. It could also be a place for experienced MIRC users to discuss new features. In the future we may consider breaking this off into more than one mailing list for the different interests (clinical trials, teaching files, etc.).

3 Using the Mailing List

To send a message to the mailing list, you can simply write an email to You must be a member of the list first. (See Joining the Mailing list above.) There is also a web interface at that allows you to view all of the previous topics in the list, as well as compose messages via the web. This feature however requires that you have a Yahoo account.