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The current MIRC release includes a DICOM viewer which has several problems. We would like to replace it with a better one. The purpose of this article is seek an existing viewer that could be integrated with MIRC. If readers of this article are aware of DICOM viewers meeting the requirements below, please add comments to the Discussion tab.

The key requirement for a DICOM viewer to be interfaced to MIRC is that it would have to be able to obtain the images from a MIRC server, where each image would have a unique URL. There are two options:

  1. It could be a Java applet which downloads the image using the supplied URL.
  2. It could be a client-side application, written in any language, which is launched automatically by the browser when it receives an object (triggered by clicking a UI button on a MIRCdocument display).

For some time, there has been a MIRC Forum thread trying to elicit requirements from the community. The following is a summary of the comments:

  • Support for a wide range of transfer syntaxes, including encapsulated pixel data.
  • Support for large (CR / DR) images.
  • Reasonably attractive UI.
  • Minimum functionality:
    • WW/WL
    • Flip/rotate
    • Zoom/Pan
    • Magnifying glass
  • Support for organizing images by series, with scrolling capability.