General MIRC Upgrade Instructions

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This article describes how to upgrade existing MIRC sites running T29 or later. These instructions assume that the MIRC site is running on the Java 1.5 or 1.6 JRE and Tomcat 5.5.

If you are running a MIRC site on Tomcat 1.4, it is best to install a new MIRC site and then copy the documents directory from the old site to the new one. For assistance, send a request ot the RSNA MIRC Forum site.

If you are installing a new MIRC site, follow the complete installation instructions.

After ensuring that Java and Tomcat are installed, the steps are:

  1. Stop Tomcat.
  2. Obtain the full installer, which includes the XML database, from
  3. Run the installer and upgrade.
  4. Start Tomcat.

This installer can be used to install a new site as well, as described in the complete installation instructions.

If you have done an upgrade on an existing site which was running a version before T32, then after starting Tomcat, you must rebuild the index of every storage service on the MIRC site. To do so, go to the Admin Service page of each storage service in turn and click the Rebuild Index button in the Storage Service column.

At this point, the MIRC site is running, and you should be able to use all its features.

Please report all problems found to