How to Author Teaching Files

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This article is a shorthand guide for creating and editing MIRC documents using the MIRC Author Service.

1 Prerequisites

To use the MIRC Author Service, you must have an account on the storage service where you will create documents. See your MIRC site administrator, who will create an account with user and author roles. Your account will consist of a username and password which you will use to access the author service.

2 Creating a New Document

To create a new document, launch your browser and go the MIRC site's query page. Select the storage service on which you wish to create a document and click the "Author Service" button on the right side of the page. The browser will display a dialog box for you to enter your name and password.

The author service will then display a page welcoming you. Enter your name, affiliation, and contact information as you wish to see it appear in the document. This information is remembered by the author service and filled in for you each time you create a new document.

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