Install Java Advanced Imaging ImageIO Tools on a Linux Machine

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1 Important

The binary (.bin) files at the Oracle / Sun website do not work on modern versions of the linux kernel / ubuntu / debian distros.

2 How to install Java Advanced Imaging ImageIO Tools on Ubuntu Linux

  • Download the script
  • If you are a normal user (ie not root) on ubuntu
sudo bash ./install-java-jai-imageio 
  • If root user
bash ./install-java-jai-imageio 

3 What the script does (feel free to have a look before you run it)

  • Checks you're running it as root or using sudo.
  • Updates the Ubuntu repos if need be.
  • Checks which chipset you're running.
  • (If Oracle / Sun Java 6 isn't already installed)
    • Answers the Java installation questions in advance.
    • Installs the default java for your distro.
  • Downloads the appropriate JAI ImageIO files installs JAI ImageIO.
Any questions or comments please email me at - Tim Phillips.