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1 The Architecture of the RSNA MIRC Implementation

The RSNA MIRC implementation meets all the requirements for participation in a MIRC community. It also includes many other features not required by MIRC but desirable for the integration of MIRC into teaching institutions, institutions participating in clinical trials, etc.

The RSNA MIRC implementation is based on the Apache Tomcat servlet container. A servlet container can be thought of as a web server that knows how to run Java programs called servlets. A group of related servlets is called a webapp. The RSNA MIRC implementation is essentially a collection of webapps, one for the query service, one for each storage service installed on the server, one for a file service, and one for server-level administration functions.

This article describes the architecture of the RSNA MIRC implementation in some detail, starting with a block diagram showing all the key servlets:

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1.1 Installation

1.1.1 Addressing Modes
1.1.2 Setting the System Mode

1.2 The mirc.xml File

1.3 The storage.xml File

1.4 The Standard Templates

1.5 The Admin Service

1.5.1 Autoindexing
1.5.2 The Case of the Day

1.6 System-Level Services

1.6.1 User Role Manager
1.6.2 Log Viewer
1.6.3 Controller

1.7 MIRC URL Index

1.7.1 Protected Health Information