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This is a list of all the CTP articles on the RSNA MIRC Wiki.

Release Notes

Main Articles

Data Object Articles

  • The CTP XmlObject describes the placement of identifiers in an XmlObject.
  • The CTP ZipObject describes the structure of a ZipObject, including the schema of the manifest.

Filter Articles

Anonymizer Articles

FileStorageService Articles

Special Configuration Articles

Articles for Developers and Planners

  • Setting Up a MIRC Development Environment describes the development environment that was used to develop all the MIRC software, including CTP.
  • Extending CTP describes how to add new pipeline stages or DatabaseAdapters to CTP.
  • CTP Plugins describes how to develop new plugins.
  • [[Developing_DICOM_Anonymizer_Extensions}} describes how to use plugins to extend the DICOM Anonymizer.
  • The CTP Module describes the contents and theory of operation of the CTP application.
  • The Util Module describes the contents and theory of operation of the utilities used in CTP.

Deprecated Articles

  • The CTP JarClassLoader describes the mechanism that CTP used to load classes before it was changed to allow it to dynamically modify the classpath.