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This is a list of all the CTP articles on the RSNA MIRC Wiki.

Release Notes

Main Articles

Data Object Articles

Filter Articles

Anonymizer Articles

FileStorageService Articles

Special Configuration Articles

Articles for Developers and Planners

  • Setting Up a MIRC Development Environment describes the development environment that was used to develop all the MIRC software, including CTP.
  • Extending CTP describes how to add new pipeline stages or DatabaseAdapters to CTP.
  • CTP Plugins describes how to develop new plugins.
  • [[Developing_DICOM_Anonymizer_Extensions}} describes how to use plugins to extend the DICOM Anonymizer.
  • The CTP Module describes the contents and theory of operation of the CTP application.
  • The Util Module describes the contents and theory of operation of the utilities used in CTP.

Deprecated Articles

  • The CTP JarClassLoader describes the mechanism that CTP used to load classes before it was changed to allow it to dynamically modify the classpath.