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This release includes CTP 2012.12.29.
This release includes CTP 2012.12.29.
==CTP 2013.01.29==
This release fixes several problems in the application of DICOM profiles to DicomAnonymizer scripts.

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This article lists major changes in the CTP and TFS software. Releases are listed in chronological order. TFS releases contain all the CTP releases above them.

Installers are available at:

1 CTP 2012.12.10

This release addresses the green image problem, in which certain compressed DicomObjects produce green-tinted images when converted to JPEG. The problem involved several DICOM elements, and there are more posssible combinations of those elements than there are test images available, so it is possible that some combinations have not been addressed correctly. Please report any problems, preferably accompanied by an image that fails. This problem affected the DicomObject, the DicomDecompressor, and the DicomPixelAnonymizer. All have been corrected.

The DicomPixelAnonymizer contains a slight kludge to accomodate images with the YBR PhotometricInterpretation. The regions in YBR images are blocked out in a mid-gray value. Regions in all other images are blocked out in a very dark gray.

This release corrects a syntax error in the default DicomPixelAnonymizer script file.

Boolean script execution in the DicomFilter and DicomPixelAnonymizer stages now checks syntax and reports errors better.

The DicomTranscoder in this release works correctly on all images except older ones that have PlanarConfiguration set to 1, in which case it produces green images. This pipeline stage should only be used for recompression; not for decompression.

This release has an improved Lookup Table Editor servlet that lists all the KeyTypes used in the associated DicomAnonymizer script file, making it easier to recall what KeyTypes to use in the table. The text fields for adding a new value now appear at the top of the table to eliminate the need for scrolling. There is also a Save icon in the upper right corner to eliminate the need to scroll to the bottom of the table to save it. There are two new articles on the Lookup Table Editor and on assigning subject IDs in clinical trials that go along with this change.

2 TFS 2012.12.10 - Z100

This release includes the solution to the green image problem noted in CTP 2012.12.10 below.

It also has a workflow improvement for sites that use a two-phase approval process for publication of articles by non-publishers. In this change, when a MIRCdocument is added to the approval queue, the publisher role is automatically added to the read and update permissions, making it possible for any publisher to review and amend the document.

In this release, deleting a MIRCdocument by clicking the Delete button in the Document tab results in the window attempting to close. It works nicely in Chrome, but IE9 traps the attempt and displays a warning dialog. If the user clicks OK, the window then closes.

In this release, clicking the Original Format button on a DICOM image displayed in the right pane of the MSTF or Tab formats results in the DICOM file being downloaded to the client. If ClearCanvas has been installed on the client, it automatically opens and displays the image. This doesn't download all the images in the MIRCdocument, only the one on which the Original Format button was clicked, but it's cute anyway.

On the RSNA site, the Download page now has improved text describing the table.

3 CTP 2012.12.11

The DicomPixelAnonymizer now blanks out regions in black on images with the YBR PhotometricInterpretation.

4 TFS 2012.12.11 - Z101

The Edit button in the Document tab is only displayed if the user has the author role and the document grants permission to update.

This release also corrects a typo on the Permissions tab of the Advanced Author Tool editor window.

5 TFS 2012.12.12 - Z102

The title slide now includes an admonition to remove PHI from the presentation.

6 CTP 2012.12.13

The DicomPixelAnonymizer now properly handles MONOCHROME images.

7 TFS 2012.12.13 - Z103

This version includes the corrected DicomPixelAnonymizer in CTP 2012.12.13.

8 CTP 2012.12.17

This release includes Steve Langer's Linux service script (in the CTP/linux directory).

It also includes the latest util.jar with new functions used by other MIRC tools that reference the CTP.jar file. The util.jar HttpServer now has a different shutdown method name for consistency with other MIRC project classes.

This admin HttpServer and the FileStorageService now use the new shutdown method.

9 TFS 2012.12.17 - Z104

This release has a different RadLex index rebuild method to improve the TFS startup process.

It also automatically assigns the admin user the department role so that role always appears in the User Manager.

10 CTP 2012.12.21

This release includes an updated Linux service script with a corresponding wiki article.

It also includes the latest util.jar with an improved ApplicationServer for Java webstart applications (including CTPClient).

It also trims all attributes in the config file to minimize the chance that extra whitespace would produce an unexpected overwriting of a script file with the default script.

It also includes a new WhiteList and BlackList feature allowing the matching of IP addresses to regular expressions to improve security in clinical trials.

11 TFS 2012.12.21 - Z105

This release forces an image display width of 512 when changing the WW/WL values.

It also removes the limits on the WL value.

12 CTP 2012.12.29

This release improves the error logging in the DicomStorageSCU.

It also fixes a bug in the use of the equals function in DicomFilter scripts.

13 TFS 2012.12.29 - Z107

This release includes CTP 2012.12.29.

14 CTP 2013.01.29

This release fixes several problems in the application of DICOM profiles to DicomAnonymizer scripts.