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This is a list of articles on the MIRC implementation running as a plugin to CTP.

Release Notes

Main Articles

  • MIRC is the top-level article. It describes the installation and configuration of the program.
  • MIRC Pipelines describes how to modify the configuration of the asynchronous pipelines that store files and create MIRCdocuments.
  • DICOM Service - Advanced Configuration describes how to configure the DICOM Service for specialized workflows.
  • MIRC Templates describes the formats of the various template files used in MIRC.
  • MIRC Hardware Considerations provides guidance in the selection of hardware for a teaching file site.
  • MIRC PHI Access Logging describes the responsibilities of authors and administrators with respect to MIRCdocuments that include PHI.
  • MIRC Scored Quizzes describes how to create, display, and score questions in MIRCdocuments.

Articles for Developers

For articles describing the configuration of CTP and the anonymizers, see CTP Articles.