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This article is the User's Manual for the RSNA MIRC implementation.
The User's manual has been broken up into three parts, as follows:
====Accessing a MIRC Site====
====The Query Service====
====The Storage Service====
====The File Service====
====The Author Service====
=====Normal Sections=====
=====Image Sections=====
====The Submit Service====
=====Powerpoint Tool=====
====The Zip Service====
The Zip Service allows users to submit collections of files to a MIRC site, automatically producing one or more MIRCdocuments on the site. The Zip Service is a server-side implementation of a concept first proposed by Adam Flanders at the RSNA 2005 conference. The original motivation for the Zip Service was to provide an easy way to pre-load a new MIRC site with an existing collection of images organized into individual cases. While the Zip Service is useful in this context, it is also a very convenient way to produce a single MIRCdocument.
See [[The Zip Service User's Manual]] for details.
* [[Viewing Teaching Files]] talks about viewing and searching for teaching files.
* [[Your Account]] talks about your login and what you can do with it.
====User Accounts====
* [[The Author Service]] is intended for the authors of teaching files.
=====The Login Button=====
=====The My Account Button=====

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The User's manual has been broken up into three parts, as follows: