RadLex Term Browser Version History

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1 Version 1 (November 2006)

2 Version 2 (February 2007 -- planned)

Fixed Bugs

  • Displays total number of terms in database
  • Fixed nulls from showing in certain fields for the terms
  • Clipboard Show/Hide button properly works
  • Term Browser now works properly in Safari

New Features

  • Removed need for non standard characters in the URL
  • Added support for users with javascript disabled
  • RadLex now utilizes URI's for the terms and hides file extensions. Cool URIs don't change
  • Set the servlet to be at the root context
  • Ensured that queries are safe from SQL injection
  • Implemented MySQL Full Text Search.
  • Changed flow of application to allow for URI's and no javascript
  • Expanded database fields
  • Allow database columns (except primary keys) to be NULL