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1 A word on Linux

To be accurate, the term Linux properly only refers to the Operating System kernel developed by Linus Torvalds. Linux distributions are then built on that kernel. Not all distrbutions are built the same way. There are two main families: those that use the RPM package system (Redhat, Fedora, CentOS, Scientific Linux, Suse, etc) and those that use the .Deb package systems (Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, etc).

Those families further differ in how they manage system services. The .Deb family largely follows BSD style init scripts. The RPM family follows AT&T System V init scripts. To control CTP as a service (start, stop, get status) on your Linux distribution you must choose the proper tool from the two options below.

2 Init Scripts for Redhat (or similar) System V systems

The CTP/linux folder of the CTP installation now includes a new file called ctpService.sh. This file is internally documented, but in brief you must confirm that the variable settings in it match your environment settings. The simplest way to to this is the following. From the command line verify that the following will start CTP:

java -jar Runner.jar

If the above works, then we need only assure that the JAVA_HOME, JAVA_BIN, CLASSPATH and CTP_HOME settings in the script match the output of the "env" command. Once that is confirmed, do the following steps (where CTP_HOME is the true location of the CTP root folder):

ln -s /CTP_HOME/linux/ctpService.sh /etc/init.d/ctpService
chkconfig --add /etc/init.d/ctpService

This will install CTP as a service and it will autostart when the Linux distribution boots. All the normal service commands are now available:

/sbin/service ctpService start/stop/restart/status

Any questions or comments please email langer.steve@mayo.edu - Steve Langer.

3 Init scripts for Ubunutu (or similar) BSD systems

  • This is a small part of what the script described in Install or upgrade RSNA TFS (previously known as MIRC) on Ubuntu Linux will do automatically for you.
  • If you want to install MIRC on a Linux machine it is recommended you read the article above.
  • If you are here because you want to run an existing Linux installation of CTP or MIRC as a service, continue reading.

3.1 Using an UpStart script

Ubuntu and many other Linux distros use UpStart to run services. The below example assumes CTP is installed at


You can modify it to suit a different locations.

Cut and paste the below code

description "CTP Service on Linux"
author "Tim Phillips <timothy.john.phillips@gmail.com>"

start on (local-filesystems and net-device-up IFACE!=lo)
stop on stopping network-services


expect fork

cd /usr/share/CTP/
java -jar ./CTP-runner.jar
end script

into a file named


3.2 Commands to control the CTP service

To start CTP (it will start automatically when the machine boots)

start CTP

To stop CTP:

stop CTP

To check if CTP is running:

status CTP

To restart CTP:

restart CTP

Any questions or comments please email timothy.john.phillips@gmail.com - Tim Phillips.