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To enable all <b>send</b> options, enter <b><tt>E,S,I,SI</tt></b>
To enable all <b>send</b> options, enter <b><tt>E,S,I,SI</tt></b>
Then in <b><tt>CAT ->Configuration -> Destination</tt></b>:
Then in <b><tt>CAT -> Configuration -> Destination</tt></b>:
:Create New
:Create New

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This article encapsulates instructions for connecting the GE Centricity PACS to MIRC. This article is intended for PACS administors of Centricity systems.

The instructions in this article apply to Centricity version 2. They should be implemented by GE PACS service engineers or PACS administrators.

Some GE Centricity sites have reported that they are unable to export selected images via DICOM, so they have been forced to export entire studies to the DICOM Service of their MIRC sites when only a few images were necessary for inclusion in a teaching file case. The result is that the case author has to manually remove the unnecessary images from the teaching file case after it has been created, a tedious process at best.

The send options are configured in CAT -> Client Config -> DicomSend:

Enter E,S,I,SI for Exam, Series, Image, Significant Image (or space to disable).

To enable all send options, enter E,S,I,SI

Then in CAT -> Configuration -> Destination:

Create New
Destination Name = MIRC
Destination QID = MIRC
Batch Send Start Time = Null Null
Auto Send Reason = Undefined

Then in CAT -> Configuration -> DestinationAddress:

Destination = MIRC:MIRC -> Search
AE Title = the AET of the MIRC application
Host Name = the IP where the MIRC application resides
Port = the port that the MIRC application listens on (the standard MIRC DICOM Service listens on 1082)
Allow Dicom Connection
Encoding Format = Western Europe:1

Then in Flamingo:

Add a new node
AET = Same as above
IpAddress = Same as above
Port = Same as above
Service List = Storage_SCU_Service_List