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TCE Selector v1.0

TCE Selector provides vendor independent integration of PACS and teaching files according to IHE TCE. It implements RadLex as established categorization systems for efficient keyword based retrieval.

  • Image display and selection in PACS client
  • DICOM send to TCE Selector
  • GUI to enter keywords and information
  • Anonymize / pseudonymize
  • Processing of DICOM instances and content
  • Generate additional teaching file information (ATFI) and TCE manifests
  • Send teaching cases with DICOM instances, TCE manifests and ATFI to MIRC for automated generation of teaching files


Quick start guide:

Download and extract TCE Selector. Execute the setup file Start the TCE Selector. Edit the configuration:

  • configure the local receive process (storeSCP) by entering a desired port number and AE Title. Click "Save startscript".
  • edit the settings for teaching file creation in the "settings" tab: when using MIRC as receiver, a good choice is to set MIRC Title, Abstract and Category. Important: Pseudonymization is only performed, when "pseudonymization" is checked. Patient name is replaced by Patient ID plus the defined prefix.
  • edit the Destination: local AET is the AE title of the store SCP as configured above, Dest. AET and Dest. port are the connection parameters of of the MIRC TCE Service.
  • Hit ok to exit the config dialog.
  • Now configure a DICOM node in your PACS client with the parameters entered under "StoreSCP"
  • Select images you want to add to your teaching file and send them to the DICOM node you just configured
  • After the configured timeout, the TCE Selector GUI opens up.
  • Enter the content and keywords
  • When finished hit the "send" or "send+close" button. Whatch the status bar at the bottom.
  • Point your browser to your MIRC site. Youll find your new document

Documentation will be available at soon.

Visit us at RSNA 2007 Education Exhibit LL-IN5203-B.