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This from Open SourceQuick Dicom Toolkit

Would be useful for anyone considering writing a new DICOM application. Absolutely state of the art, runs on Leopard and acts as a finder plug-in so DICOM can be viewed right in the file system.

The Quick Dicom Toolkit is an easy to use Dicom medical imaging package for Mac OSX, providing QuickLook, Spotlight, Quartz Composer, Window/Level and a Dicom file analyzer

Advanced Open-Source PACS workstation

OsiriX Medical Imaging Software

Next generation DICOM Viewer, Ultrafast performance Intuitive interactive user interface Exclusive innovative technique for 3D/4D/5D navigation Designed by radiologists for radiologists Distributed under Open Source licensing - GPL Open platform for development of processing tools More than 20'000 users worldwide

Thanks to all OsiriX users who believe in an open, different and free future in medical imaging. Source available on Source Forge