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This article describes the MIRC RadLex Servlet which provides access to MIRC's RadLex term index. The intended audience for this article is software developers who want to provide a suggest-like user interface for web pages or other applications.

The servlet is a RESTful web service which is accessed by an HTTP GET in the form:


where string is a set of URL-encoded characters. The string parameter is used as an index into the RadLex term index. All terms whose first word starts with the string parameter are returned in an XML structure. The Content-Type of the response is text/xml, and the encoding is UTF-8.

The following example shows the response to a GET with the string parameter equal to low:

	<term id="RID10629">low spatial resolution reconstruction algorithm</term> 
	<term id="RID10945">low energy parallel hole ultra-high resolution</term> 
	<term id="RID10948">low energy parallel hole high sensitivity</term> 
	<term id="RID10947">low energy parallel hole general purpose</term> 
	<term id="RID10946">low energy parallel hole high-resolution</term> 
	<term id="RID10630">low frequency reconstruction algorithm</term> 
	<term id="RID10944">low energy parallel hole collimator</term> 
	<term id="RID11415">low-pass frequency filter artifact</term> 
	<term id="RID3336">low-flow vascular malformation</term> 
	<term id="RID10628">low spatial resolution process</term> 
	<term id="RID11047">low profile balloon catheter</term> 
	<term id="RID1716">low anterior resection</term> 
	<term id="RID6050">low signal intensity</term> 
	<term id="RID11051">low-pressure balloon</term> 
	<term id="RID10918">low intensity pulse</term> 
	<term id="RID6039">low attenuation</term> 
	<term id="RID12852">low iodine diet</term> 
	<term id="RID5677">low grade</term> 
	<term id="RID7737">lower posterior cervical triangle lymph nod e</term> 
	<term id="RID7263">lower lateral cutaneous nerve of arm</term> 
	<term id="RID7847">lower band of cruciform ligament</term> 
	<term id="RID105">lower esophageal muscular ring</term> 
	<term id="RID107">lower esophageal mucosal ring</term> 
	<term id="RID1471">lower paratracheal lymph node</term> 
	<term id="RID103">lower esophageal sphincter</term> 
	<term id="RID1315">lower lobe of right lung</term> 
	<term id="RID1338">lower lobe of left lung</term> 
	<term id="RID5026">lower esophageal ring</term> 
	<term id="RID207">lower pole of kidney</term> 
	<term id="RID2638">lower extremity</term> 
	<term id="RID1354">lower lung zone</term> 
	<term id="RID7216">lower trunk</term> 
	<term id="RID9930">lower lip</term> 

The order of the returned terms is as follows:

  • Terms are in alphabetical order based on the first word of the term.
  • Terms with the same first word are in reverse order based on the length of the term (e.g., longest first).