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MTK has brought the mobile phone revolution, the United Nations Development Co., Ltd. is the title, full name in English is called MTK..

United Nations Development Co., Ltd., founded in the year 1997, is one of the world's top professional IC design company, the world's largest consumer of IC chip group of pilot status. Covering the area of digital consumer products, digital TV, optical storage, mobile phone, and so most of the series, is Asia's only six years in a row re-design the world's top 10 IC companies only Chinese enterprises, the United States, "Forbes" magazine " Top 50 Asian companies. " United Nations Development as a global technology leader in IC design, focusing on wireless communications and digital media technology. The chip company to provide integrated system solutions, including wireless communications, high-resolution digital TV, optical storage, high-resolution DVD-related products, ranking first in the market leadership position. United Nations Development Science and Technology was founded in 1997, has been publicly traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, code-named equity 2454. The company is headquartered in Taiwan and has sales and R & D team in China, the United States, Britain, Ireland, Denmark, India, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.mtk make mobile phonemore cheap and multifunctiom. it is more and more popular in the world.