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1 scaffolding

scaffolding engineering calculation rules

First, building comprehensive scaffolding outside the building floor by floor area calculated above. Building height refers to the design of the outdoor terrace to the eaves height. Scaffolding their basement floor area calculation.

Second, full house cast reinforced concrete foundation strip width is greater than 3.0m of the base, can be calculated by full house foundation area based scaffolding, without deduction of the wall area occupied, or an additional transport channel based outside the area.

Third, the vertical protective frames, the natural floor to the top layer between bar height multiplied by the actual erection erection length, area calculation.

Fourth, in the scaffolding by the vertical projection area of the wall.

Fifth, other structures of the scaffolding:

Sixth, building by building vertical closed network perimeter length multiplied by the design of outdoor floor to eaves height to floor area. Parapet or cornice height of more than 1.2m, and its height can be considered closed network to the top of the parapet wall or cornice. Add a bamboo vertical closed network scaffold board, high increase of less than 30m bamboo scaffold board 0.30 m2, 20m higher wire 0.07kg each other to increase the bamboo scaffold board 0.009 m2, wire 0.002kg, man 0.006 man-days, other machinery costs 0.01 yuan.

Seven additional layer of old buildings in floor construction scaffolding costs include comprehensive scaffolding, the external walls of old buildings double scaffolding. Plus a comprehensive scaffolding story building floor area by adding layer after layer applied to the corresponding canopy plus a comprehensive scaffolding of a fixed high. External walls of old buildings double scaffolding, no matter whether the outer wall of the old buildings the new decoration, according to the length of the old buildings outside the old building eaves height multiplied by the vertical projection area, high canopy cover according to the corresponding fixed by double scaffolding Calculation of a factor of 0.5.

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2 scaffolding

Features highlights of fastener known scaffolding

scaffolding fastening features highlights:

1, scaffolding fasteners and easy maintenance: the product itself is not easy due to rust, not damaged, after the maintenance is very convenient to use not only reduces the difficulty of maintenance also saves the cost of maintenance.

2, scaffolding and strong corrosion resistant fasteners: galvanized the whole double by passivation and anti-corrosion treatment, increase the capacity of its anti-corrosion, long life, far more than the life of cast iron fasteners.

3, scaffolding fasteners and strong resistance to removal: using the new connection, the new nut to ensure that there is distortion in the case of steel, fasteners can always firmly fixed vertically, eliminating the possibility of pipe slippage.

4, scaffolding fasteners fast lightweight, structural optimization: Fasteners light, beautiful, comfortable, fast loading, reduce labor intensity, the work efficiency.

5, scaffolding fasteners, making advanced technology: the use of cold technology, low energy consumption in the production process, pollution-free, fully in line with the national energy conservation policy. The iron fasteners backward production technology, a high-energy high-pollution technology, process safety performance in the use of non-compliance, has been included in the national phase-out of restricted products.

6, scaffolding fasteners, fastener can use the guitar to raise the overall construction of brand image, increase the use of side bidding competitiveness. Does not increase the cost of using the side, do not spend money you can spend a safe, comfortable, convenient good fastener.

7, scaffolding fasteners has security advantages, the quality advantage, brand advantage, in the fastener rental worry, effort, lease rental income than poor iron fasteners.

8, scaffolding slide fastener strong performance: to ensure that the pipe was fit with fasteners, surface state, posted a large area, to overcome the iron and steel fastener point or line showed the shortcomings of fit, eliminating slippage of the hidden pipe.

9, scaffolding strong resistance to deformation fasteners: steel stamping and fastener than normal, due to the different production process, breaking the traditional stamping process limitations on the material thickness up to 5 mm, is fully capable of ensuring the process does not use deformation, thus ensuring the product safe and effective use of repetition.

14, scaffolding fasteners excellent fracture resistance: Structure of advanced, cold forming steel plate, strength and toughness than current national standards, the total elimination of the iron fastenings scaffolding collapsed due to break led to accidents.

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