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This will talk about your account on the MIRC site and what it does for you.

1 Log In

Click the "Log In" button to log into the teaching file system, if you have this information. Any user can browse the public documents on a MIRC Site without authenticating, however to view private ones, or group documents, you must be logged in. You also must log in to author teaching files.

2 Create Account

If you do not have an account, you can click the create account link to create your own account. This is only available if your administrator has enabled this option on that particular MIRC Site. If this option is disabled, you must contact your site administrator for an account.

3 Manage Account

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Manage accounts page

Off the main MIRC page there's a link the manage account page. This page allows you to manage some of the various parameters of your account.

3.1 Change Password

This page allows you to change your own password, an administrator may choose to disable this option.

3.2 Register Servers

If your MIRC Site has links to more then one storage service you may see this option on the manage accounts page. This allows you to register account information that you have on the other storage services in the list (only relevant for storage services that reside on different sites then your own). This allows you to perform one query across multiple sites, and have your credentials passed along, so you can see any private or group documents that may otherwise be hidden. This option may be disabled on some MIRC Sites.

3.3 Groups

MIRC has a group permission system that allows you to share documents with a particular group of users. First, the group creator makes a group from the manage accounts page (giving it a name and a password). The creator then passes this information out to any users that he'd like to join his group. Those users go to their manage accounts page, and join the group (using the group name, and password supplied by it's creator). Groups are disabled by default on MIRC Sites, so to access this feature your administrator will have to have enabled groups.

3.3.1 Create A Group

This is the page that allows a user to create a new group to share with his friends/colleagues.

3.3.2 Join A Group

This page allows users to join a group that their friend/colleague has sent them.

3.3.3 Current Groups

Shows the groups you currently belong to, and allows you to leave the group.