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With T30 released, I moved all the version numbers up one, and I removed the QueryUI task (that's been completed). I'm also working on putting all these tasks into bugzilla as well. -Bobby

Notes from the MIRC Committee Meeting - 5/27/2008

These were the feature requests I noted during the meeting:

  1. Log CME. Entries would be in the eXist database. May need to create a new schema element to indicate that CME can be logged on the document. Logging would occur only after the user had viewed the correct answers on all the quiz questions in the document.
  2. Log queries.
  3. Log documents viewed. This would provide one way to indicate the popularity of a document.
  4. Implement a rating mechanism similar to Amazon's.
  5. Track users' viewing history.
  6. Allow the user to choose the order of query results:
  • Last-modified date
  • Title
  • Popularity
  • Rank
  • Documents never before viewed
  1. Add ability to trigger a query for related documents - using the keywords as the query.
  2. Allow one document to reference another.
  3. Add ability to select text in a document and initiate a query directly with that text.
  4. Add tagging for documents.
  5. New approach for installation: self-extracting installer for new installations.
  6. Include ImageIO with MIRC to avoid extra installation.
  7. Add ability to export/import cases in bulk.
  8. Add grouping for images in a document. Display the image-section organized by group, scrolling within the group. If no group is specified, treat all the images as a single group to preserve the current behavior.