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CTP is a server for processing data objects in clinical trials. The list of articles on CTP is available at CTP_Articles. The main article, containing the link to the installer is CTP-The_RSNA_Clinical_Trial_Processor.


MIRC is the current implementation of the RSNA Teaching File System. It is a plugin to CTP. The list of articles on MIRC is available at MIRC_Articles. The main article, containing the link to the installer is MIRC. The installer installs both CTP and the MIRC plugin.

3 Client-side Tools

These tools are available for special purposes:

  • MIRC Powerpoint Tool - A Powerpoint plug-in that enables saving Powerpoint presentations on a MIRC site.
  • MIRC TCE Export Manager - The MIRC implementation of the IHE Teaching Files and Clinical Trials Export integration profile Export Manager actor.
  • DicomEditor - A utility program for viewing, anonymizing and editing DICOM image files.
  • FileSender - A file transmission utility that supports DICOM, HTTP, and HTTPS.
  • TCE Selector - A tool for integration of PACS and MIRC for semiautomated teaching file generation. Using RadLex for indexing and categorization

4 Tomcat/MIRC

This version has been superseded by the CTP/MIRC version. This section is maintained here only for those who have not yet upgraded. People wishing to install new sites are recommended to use the CTP/MIRC version.

IMPORTANT: This version has a radically new indexing mechanism which is much faster on large sites. After upgrading from T35 or earlier to the T36 release, you must go to the admin page of each storage service and click the Rebuild Index button in order to convert the index to the new format. Here are the steps for an upgrade from a previous release:

  1. Stop Tomcat.
  2. OPTIONAL: Delete this file: Tomcat/webapps/exist.war
  3. OPTIONAL: Delete this directory: Tomcat/webapps/exist
  4. Run the installer and click upgrade when it gives you the chance.
  5. Continue until the installer finishes.
  6. Run the Apache Tomcat Properties applet and change the maximum memory pool setting to 512MB.
  7. Start Tomcat.
  8. With your browser, go to the MIRC site's home page and log in as an administrator.
  9. In the Admin menu, select the Storage Service Admin page for you storage service.
  10. On the Storage Service Admin page, click the "Rebuild Index" button.