MIRC Installation on Macintosh

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MIRC is running on Macintosh computers in multiple institutions, but the MIRC development team does not have Macintosh computers on which to test the installation process. These instructions for installing the MIRC site software on Mac OSX have been contributed by several Mac users (J. Kevin Smith and Allison Zwingenberger)

Verify that your system has Java 5.5 installed.
Java is located on the Macintosh hard drive in:
If you need to update to 5.5, use the autoupdater in:
Download the Tomcat 5.5 installer from http://tomcat.apache.org.
Run the installer and put Tomcat in username/.
Download the Java Advanced Imaging ImageIO Tools from:
unpack and place the files from the lib folder into /System/Library/Java/Extensions
Open /username/apache-tomcat-5.5.15/bin/catalina.sh in a text editor.
Paste the two lines below into the file just after the instruction section and then save the file.
JAVA_OPTS='-Xms256m -Xmx512m'
Start Tomcat.
Go to applications/utilities/terminal.
cd ~/apache-tomcat-5.5.17/bin
Test Tomcat
Open a web browser and enter
If the Tomcat logo is displayed, Tomcat is running.
Stop Tomcat
Go to applications/utilities/terminal.
More information on Tomcat and Macintosh is available on the Apache wiki:
Download and run the MIRC site installer.
Adobe SVG
To be able to annotate images, client machines must have an SVG viewer installed.
Firefox now has a native SVG viewer, so nothing else is required.
Problems have been reported using the Adobe SVG viewer with Safari.