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The RSNA MIRC implementation uses XML files as templates for the automatic construction of MIRCdocuments by several of the services provided by a Storage Service. These are:

  • the Author Service
  • the DICOM Service
  • the TCE Service
  • the Zip Service

The Author Service provides templates to give users starting points when they create new MIRCdocuments. Author Service templates are generally simple skeletons of MIRCdocuments, and users add components (text, images, etc.) to a skeleton using the Author Service editor.

In other services, the reception of a file triggers either the construction of a new MIRCdocument or the modification of an existing one.

Templates are MIRCdocument files, that is, they obey the MIRCdocument XML schema, extended to include elements that instruct the automatic document construction mechanism how to insert data from a file into the MIRCdocument. For detailed information on the template elements, see the Template Elements section of The MIRCdocument Schema.