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This article is a strawman proposal for changes in the way MIRC manages files in the file service, wth the intention of supporting conferences, a new way of entering the author service, and other features requested by users.

1 Requirements

1.1 Conferences

  • multiple named conferences
  • create and delete conferences
  • private and public conferences
  • add a document to a conference while viewing the document
  • remove a document from a conference
  • simple UI for listing and reordering documents in a conference
  • ability to link to a document as an unknown

1.2 Author Service Templates

  • save a document as a template
  • remove a template
  • drag / drop / double-click access to the author service through a template


  • save a link to a document while viewing it
  • save a link to a file in the file cabinet while viewing it

1.4 Ad Hoc Containers

  • create and delete containers
  • private and public containers

1.5 Files and Links

  • tags
    • RadLex
    • free text
    • container names
      • bookmark
      • conference names
      • template names
    • automatic
      • date
      • type

2 Implementation Ideas

2.1 MIRCdocument Display

  • Replace the table at the bottom of the Document tab with a link to a popup window containing the table.
  • Add three items:
    • Add document to...
      • new container
      • list of containers (conferences and ad hoc)
    • Bookmark
    • Save as template

2.2 File Cabinet

  • Object types:
    • container
    • link
    • container
  • Ability to change the display name of an object
  • Create container
  • Create conference
  • All objects can be tagged
  • General tagging UI
    • popup
    • schema (RadLex, ...)
    • free text
    • multiselect list of existing tags with add/remove
  • Select function
    • schema (RadLex, ...)
    • free text
    • multiselect list of existing tags
  • Left pane displays tree of containers
  • Right pane displays current selection
    • contents of container (click on container in left pane)
    • results of select function
  • Drag selected objects to a template to launch the author service

3 Open issues

  • Can a container be constructed as a boolean selection?
    • Example: tag1 | (tag2 & !tag3)
  • Can containers be contained in containers? (no?)