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This guide talks briefly about searching for, and viewing teaching files.
This guide talks briefly about searching for, and viewing teaching files.

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This guide talks briefly about searching for, and viewing teaching files.

1 Basic Query

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Basic Query Page

Enter your search terms separated by spaces in the text box. The system will search for any documents that contain all of the search terms you have entered, no matter where they occur in the document. To search for documents that contain any of the terms you're searching for, you can separate terms using the "|" character. You can also group terms in parentheses, and multiple terms surrounded by quotes will be treated as a single search

2 Advanced Query

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Advanced Query Page

The advanced query mode allows you to change how the results are displayed, and query specific fields within a MIRC document. You are also allowed to specify which servers to query in the advanced query mode. Lets talk about some of the various sections:

  • Select Storage Servers to Query If your site is setup with more then one storage service, you will see a list of the various storage services available. Select one or more of the servers to include their results in your query.
  • Select Query Type There are a number of different sections within a MIRC document that you can query against. This section of the advanced query options allows you to query words that appear specifically within those sections.
  • Display As Unknowns
  • Case Navigator Selecting this option will cause your results to be returned one MIRC Document at a time, you can scroll between them with the next and previous buttons.
  • Results Per Site This option allows you to specify how many results each storage service will return to you per page.

3 The Teaching File

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An example teaching file, using the standard teaching file template

In this section we'll talk a little bit about some of the things you can do within a teaching file. Keep in mind, the teaching file may look differently depending on which template the author used when he created it.

3.1 Image Section

Your MIRC Document may have an image section, that shows the various images associated with the document.

  • Annotations The annotation button shows up in an image that the author has annotated. Clicking this button will toggle the author's annotations on and off.
  • Original Format This button provides a variety of different options, depending on what combinations of keys you press. This only shows up for DICOM images.
    • Regular Click: It opens the image in a DICOM Viewer.
    • Cntrl-Click: Allows you to download the source DICOM image file.
    • Alt-Click: Does a DICOM Header Dump.

3.2 Tool Box

Somewhere in your MIRC document you'll see a toolbox with several buttons on it. Some of these buttons may be grayed out depending on your user's permissions.

  • Edit This button opens the document for editing. Editing is done with the Advanced Authoring Tool.
  • Publish This option makes the document public.
  • Export Zip's up the document and downloads it. You can import this zip file into another MIRC site using the submit service.
  • Delete Removes the document from the file system, as well as the index.
  • Zip(With/Without PHI)
  • To Database
  • Save Images to File Cabinet
  • Case of the Day Makes this case the current Case of the Day.