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This article is an unprioritized list of tasks for CTP and the MIRC plugin.

1 Miscellaneous Items

  • Implement the TCE Service
  • Implement the approval queue
  • Support running CTP as a Linux service.
  • Implement a credentials challenge if the user accesses a protected resource
  • Anonymizer for manual submissions to the File Service
  • Anonymizer for manual submissions to the Basic Author Tool
  • Anonymizer for manual submissions to the Zip Service
  • Automatically set the admin roles in CTP
  • Set the search parameters from the cookies in the new UI
  • Implement the Deleted Documents Manager
  • Implement a conversion utility for copying an old MIRC site to a new one.
  • Update all the wiki documentation and make the new MIRC the default.
  • Make videos for installation, configuration, viewing, and authoring.
  • Support video in file cabinets, author tools, and MIRCdocuments
  • Review Windows installer
  • Write a MIRCdocument submission utility to send a collection of MIRCdocuments to a site.
  • DICOM viewer for MIRC & FileStorageService PipelineStage
  • 21CFR11 audit repository plugin / servlet
  • DicomComparator PipelineStage
  • Implement a configuration editor.
  • Implement the DicomAnonymizer changes required by the latest Supplement 142 revision.
  • myRSNAFiles support
  • Suppress the context menu for Macs.
  • Write a MIRCdocument exporter/submitter with display capability.
  • Implement RadLex update
  • Multi-language support
  • Add PDF as a primary object type for teaching files.
  • Geneva final release
  • Remove unnecessary directories from CTP and use the jar instead
  • Convert to dcm4che2
  • Change index mechanism in the FileStorageService PipelineStage
  • Watermark PipelineStage
  • Resave images with different WW/WL, orientation, etc.
  • Support multi-frame DICOM images in the author services. Support the CT and MR enhanced DICOM objects.
  • DICOM WADO server for FileStorageService / MIRC plugin
  • DICOM CD Import Service
  • FileStorageService rebuild index
  • Check for spaces in alt-title
  • Highlight drop target in file cabinet
  • Sort out which collections to put in the left pane of the new UI
  • Remove document from conferences when it is deleted
  • Provide a site name on the Integrated UI page.
  • Support sorting on columns in the query results table
  • Implement QBE in query results table headers (with a plus-icon to trigger a popup)
  • Improve "No results found" messsage in Integrated UI.
  • Print function for conferences: list history, diagnosis, ddx, image captions
  • Acquire information on downloads and site stats, including no. of cases
  • Make initial library selection included all libraries

2 From the CTP Task List

Improve DICOM Anonymizer script language
Rationalize the script language. Support true literals. Support recursive evaluation. Handle procesing of multi-valued elements better.
Implement an ExportService that passes objects to an external application.
FileSystem selection for XmlObjects and ZipObjects
Implement the equivalent of fsNameTag for XmlObjects and ZipObjects in the FileStorageService.
Quarantine size
Improve the handling of large numbers of files in a quarantine.
Quarantine reasons
Provide a mechanism for a pipeline stage to indicate why it has quarantined an object. Add the feature to all the anonymizers. Support display of the reasons in the QuarantineServlet.
Improve the security of the login process.
Add scripting to all anonymizer stages
Provide a more powerful selection mechanism for determining whether an object will be anonymized, along the lines of the filter stages, except that instead of quaranting objects which to not match the script, the anonymizers will pass the objects on unmodified.
Encryption key
Support a removable encryption key for the anonymizers.
Create an easy way for real certificates to be used in CTP.

3 From the MIRC Task List

Implement tagging for images, files, and MIRCdocuments, with both RadLex and free text tags.
User-specific Author Service templates
Allow users to store their own author service templates for use in creating new MIRCdocuments. These templates would be in addition to the system-wide defaults. This will allow a user to tailor a template to exactly the kinds of documents he is producing, simplifying the process.
Image collections
Implement a grouping mechanism for objects in the right pane of MSTF and tab formats, providing navigation among the groups.
Advanced author service
Remove the +/- button.
Support drag/drop from the file cabinet pane to the Images section.
Implement drag/drop for rearrangement of sections.
Implement drag/drop for rearrangement of items within a section.
Document display control
Provide a way to allow a user to change the display characteristics of a document while it is being displayed (background, icon display, format, etc.).
Create a new category of private section, visible only to trusted users.
Standardize options when clicking images
Follow link; show annotation; DICOM header display.

User viewing history
Track a user's viewing history and support obtaining query results based on whether the documents have been seen before. Allow the user to reset the viewing history.
User Management
Improve the user management mechanism to allow administrators to submit a large collection of new resident accounts more easily.

RadLex / Keywords feature
Add support for RadLex terms in all author services. Implement a RadLex term browser for keywords and connect it to all document sections.
Double-click view of individual file in the Author Service
Download a double-clicked file with appropriate Content-Type. (This is operational in T26 for the File Service; implement it in the file cabinet pane of the Author Service editor.)
User comments input when viewing documents
Add an insert-comment element to the schema, allowing users who are viewing a document to add a comment to a document without being able to edit the document completely.

Poll for active servers
Make query services poll their storage service list to determine which services are currently active, disabling selection of the inactive ones.
Storage service list schema
Standardize the way the storage service list can be communicated between MIRC query services. Support hiding private services.
Counter for query page accesses
Keep track of the number of times a query service has been accessed and show it on the query page.

CME Credit element
Extend MIRCdocument schema to allow display of CME credit value in query results. This task should be deferred until an interface to an external CME system is required.
CME external interface
Requires CME systems to publish an interface specification first.
SCORM export
Implement SCORM exporting in the XML server.
MIRCdocument UID
Provide UID for each MIRCdocument to allow use in CME.

Language-independent query fields
Make it possible for queries in one language to find documents written in another.
Review the schema for additional elements
Top-down review of display elements in general.
ACR code service
An ACR code browser for the MIRC site, allowing a user to navigate all the ACR codes and find codes that correspond to specific anatomy and pathology.
Backup function
Add a backup function to the admin service to allow a backup of the necessary files to be placed in a directory, possibly on another system.
Shared Directory Service
Implement a service to monitor a shared disk directory and automatically create MIRCdocuments from any objects found there.
Case ranking
Provide a way to allow users to rank cases and obtain query results based on the rankings.